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Welcome to my journal!!


Master`s Kitty


I`m in an "open" relationship.. I live with my "Daddy" *read below before making comments.. I also have a Master who lives about 40mins from me:) I call Him Sire! :D I`m my Sire`s kitty Kat...meowwww^-^

Ok a little about me...

I am a 27 years old, I`m into BDSM and all that REALLY fun stuff..
I have a Master,and a "Daddy".
I do SI...sadly.. I have been for oh I say 15 years now...
You can say whatever ya want about me, I don`t give a crap.. People spend too much of their life listening to others give them crap..just be yourself..don`t worry about what other people are doing....:)

I`m very happy with my BDSM lifestyle, and if I hadn`t have met my Daddy I don`t think I would be here today..He has done so many things to make my life whole, and I love Him for that! We have a cat, a pug mix puppy and a black lab:)

Yes I have my issues just like everyone else, this journal is for that very reason..for me to talk about my issues and my LIFE!

I am Owned and very happy..

So now that, that is said..This journal is FRIENDS ONLY...If you would like to read what I have to say/write then please comment to be added!! BUT PLEASE have your Birthday/Age in your profile..If you don`t, please don`t waste my/your time..
I`m not a mean person I`m just trying to make sure that no one under age comments..EVEN if you are 18+ DOES NOT mean I`ll add you, I will look at your journal and see for myself what I think... this is my personal journal, I want to make sure I know who is reading it:D

***take everything I said into concideration before you ask to be added..***

A little about being "a little"

This is a big one, and it`s kinda sad that I even have to put this in here..But some people open there mouths and make comments before they even know anything about something..so for those people out there READ THIS!


The "Daddy" which I speak of in my entries IS NOT MY REAL FATHER!
I had to put this in somewhere as I get RUDE comments about things like that,and like I said before those people
don`t even know what Im talking about..So for future reasons here it is
"Daddy" IS NOT MY REAL FATHER!*rolls eyes*


Collared to my Daddy Dec,23rd 2003...

This is dedicated to my Master..Love your pet xoxo

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